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Re-discovering Clay.

Wedging tableFinally got the table done and poured the plaster. This is something I had been nervous about…View Post


Delay http://wp.me/s3AATO-delay

Sorry I haven’t updated recently. I’m in the midst of putting together a wedging table with a plaster top. Also while I’m on here, wanted to ask about cures for “short” clay or clay that throws short. I’ve tried a few option and doesn’t seem to help much.…

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Slip recipe (white) UPDATED

Throwing Exercise 2 (bases) Here is the second part of the throwing exercises which looks at bases. I had always took for…View Post
Throwing Exercise 1(Rims)For the first throwing exercise i decided to throw cylinders about 12cm and 8cm wide. With each I…View Post
Glaze tests!
Glaze test results.
Glaze Test ResultsAfter a testing session of 5 different glaze bases with oxide variants. I have found a few that I…View Post
Glaze testsI spent sometime re-organizing my studio yesterday, reclaiming clay and organising the materials…View Post